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The Alliance of Professional Tattooists

comprehensive list of "the cream of the crop" when it comes to tattoo artists then the publishers of this book highly recommend that you go immediately to is the official site of the Alliance of Professional Tattooists. On this site you will find the latest updated information about safety issues, Tattoo parlors, tattoo shops, piercing, body piercing, artist, artists, Flash Sets, Flash Sheets, Custom tattoos, Professional Tattooists, information about autoclaving, HIV, Hepatitis in tattooing, and more. There is also a function on the site that allows you to access the artistic talents of the t APT member that is nearest to you.

APT a nonprofit educational organization that was founded in 1992 to address the health and safety issues facing the tattoo industry. Up until that time, no organized effort had been made to educate artists or standardize infection control procedures. Recognizing the need for change, a group of concerned professionals formed APT with the idea of making autoclave sterilization, sterile equipment and the wearing of gloves part of usual visit to a tattoo studio.

With increasing numbers of people (many of them in the government) voicing concern about the safety of tattooing, it is more important than ever to have accurate information about HIV and hepatitis transmission. Through education, practice knowledge and activism, APT and its members promote the understanding that professional tattooing CAN be a safe form of artistic expression.

We recommend this site as a resource to find a tattoo artists simply because health officials and lawmakers have recognized APT as a professional, ethical and authoritative voice in the industry.

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